The import trade generally stores certain alcoholic beverage products (generally spirits and sparkling wines) upon which the federal excise and duty is imposed in facilities where the federal tax revenue is safeguarded. The owner of such facilities must qualify and obtain a federal bond to protect the revenue. The process is similar to the obtaining of federal and state licensing in that the government requires information on the applicant, its officers, directors, shareholders, members and employees as well as the physical premises. In addition, the government has extensive record-keeping requirements for the operation of the facility and imposes a bond requirement for the storage activity.


Buchman Law Firm, LLP can assist in the establishing of a bonded warehouse facility together with crafting appropriate guidelines to maintain proper record-keeping. The firm also assists should there be an inquiry by Customs as storage compliance at the premises, annual bond review, Customs product clearance, standard effective tax rates for flavored spirits products, requests for Harmonized Tariff Schedule classification, and such other matters that may involve the National Import Specialist and/or the Customs team that administrates alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.




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